Hi! I’m Alisha.

What I know for sure is that you always, always know the answer and what to do next. 


Whether we’re talking about quitting your full-time job, going back to school and changing your career path, starting a scary new business venture or setting up your first website…… when you make space and allow your intuition (or gut feeling) to help you out, you will finally hear the truth for you.

These are questions and decisions that nobody else can truly answer for you.  Sometimes we do listen to what other people tell us to do – and it isn’t what our gut was telling us.  We follow through with it even though it’s not what we were meant to do.  And that hurts.  A lot. 

So how do we avoid this? How can we be sure that we are making the right decision FOR OURSELVES?

Trust. Your. Intuition. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before: “trust your gut”! What does it tell you to do? 

And it’s like “if I knew what it was telling me, I would do it already!”. Or maybe it’s “but it doesn’t make any sense- I’m “supposed” to be doing ____”.   Am I right?

But the thing is- we have to learn how to differentiate between what our intuition is and what our fear is (or your ego). 

Think back to a time in your life when you’ve had the direct experience of ignoring a hunch and regretting it later.  You KNEW the answer deep down – but maybe you talked yourself out of it? Or the fear drove you away. 

Now: think back to a time when you got out of your own way long enough to be able to truly listen within and just know what you had to do (maybe it was marrying your partner, choosing the school you went to or where you were going to live). Think of how that felt when you followed that inner knowing?  Light? Free? TRUE TO YOU? Heart-felt? 

When you’re aligned with your intuition (and know how to listen to her- and trust her), you can access the answers that you need for yourself now matter what big life decision you are trying to work through right now.  She’s always there waiting for you.  Are you going to listen to her? 

I know for me personally, that whenever I am in the middle of making a huge decision for my next step – whether it’s for my business or moving into a new place – I think I know the answer (it comes from my heart).  But then my head gets in the way and I second guess it.  I get scared and wonder if my gut is even right (sometimes it doesn’t make any “logical” sense). 

The times that I’ve trusted my intuition (especially when it didn’t make any sense) is when I’ve thrived.  When after I went for it with an energy of trust (and still feeling afraid), it’s always, always worked out. 

The lesson here is this: you always know what to do next.  Listen to it.  Honor it.  And trust it. 

I want to help you get started on your intuitive path and trusting yourself this right away, so I have created a free 3-part video training series called “How to know the difference between intuition and fear.”  



*What the FIRST STEP is to trusting your intuition (it’s not what you think)

*How to stop second guessing yourself all of the time and feel confident in your decisions.

*What to do when your intuition doesn’t make any sense (and a beautiful exercise to do when this happens!)

*The things that holds you back from accessing your inner-wisdom.








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