2.5 years ago I walked into a yoga studio for the first time in my life.

I was a VERY different person back then. Like, very.

I was….

really ashamed of myself.
shy. like I uncomfortably shy to talk to if I didn’t know you (which was like…everyone).
struggling with adult acne
unemployed (for the 3rd time in 12 months)
lost, confused and depressed.

I had been practicing yoga at my local YMCA for a few months beforehand. I knew I loved yoga and wanted to teach.

One problem- I was terrified of being seen. Terrified of speaking in public. Terrified of being in public really. Terrified of acknowledging what I actually wanted….like it was easier to pretend I didn’t want that.

But I knew I had to find inner-peace. And something was telling me that yoga was the way for me….

2 weeks after I walked into that studio I signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training.

3 weeks after that I applied to work at the front desk of that studio.

In the following (almost) 2 years after that I went on to teach nearly 500 yoga classes, 25+ wellness + meditations workshops, taught to new yoga teacher trainees, and started my spiritual holistic lifestyle business, Alisha Leytem LLC.

During my farewell party with the studio this past spring when I took the next step in my life and biz and moved to Southern California, the owner at the studio told me something I never knew….

Owner: “Alisha, you know we almost didn’t hire you to work at the front desk.”

Me: “Wait….are you serious?!”

Owner: “Yeah! I thought about it for a while because you were so shy and quiet that I didn’t know if you’d be a good fit……..I am so glad I did though. You were and are such an amazing teacher. We are going to miss you so much.”

Me: “Holy shit. I had no idea. My entire life would be different if you didn’t. That was literally the one thing that gave me the confidence to keep going when I was at my lowest point.”

*tears and hugs*

The thing about this story is this: I haven’t always been this inspirational teacher and coach teaching others to living a more natural zen life. The reason I am so passionate about it now is because I was on the other end of this.

It wasn’t easy for me. But I kept going. I knew that there was something in me that wanted to be seen. To actually be heard and speak my truth.

That I was capable of stepping in my power and being so sure of who I was.

I wanted that so, so badly. Because I didn’t always have it.

And now I do.

And I can teach you to have it, too.

Because if this uncomfortably shy, depressed, anxiety-filled girl can morph and grow into a confident teacher who fully believes in herself and isn’t afraid to shine kind of woman- you can too. I am not special. We all have this ability.

Let me show you my process of how…..


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