Are you secretly sabotaging your ability to experience more joy and zen in your everyday life? 
There are 4 habits that you will want to learn how to master in your day if you want to break through the beliefs that are holding you back from making the change you desire in your life and biz. 
The thing about these habits are that they don’t require you to “do” anything extra. 
These habits are all about the habits that you have between your ears… your mind. 
Check out this free training I hosted on these 4 habits you will want to start doing to experience more zen and abundance in your life (without any extra time). 

Here’s a quick recap for you: 

Habit #1: Infuse passion into everything that you do.  

Everyday things like laundry, dishes, teeth brushing, cooking, etc. – can all brought to life when you can TUNE into the energy of abundance by bringing the energy of passion into what you are doing.  Try it out and see how you feel!
Habit #2: Stop gossiping. 
This habit requires you to be aware of when you are talking about someone – and then catching yourself quickly enough to S T O P it in it’s tracks.  Why? Because talking about other people doesn’t serve you to the highest degree.  What does? Talking about events, ideas, dreams, adventures- things that actually light you up and help you to stay in your own lane of life and work on watering your own grass.  Feel me? 
Habit #3: Ask for what you want. 
Are you in this bad habit of feeling guilty asking for what you need and want – both from yourself and from others? Learning to be comfortable and aligned with yourself enough to ask for what you want (ie: what you want to eat, for help around the house, to invest in x, or move, etc.) is a habit that will serve you in living out your life in highest version of YOU. 
Habit #4: Monitor your thoughts. 
THIS is the ultimate habit of all: learning to observe what it is we are thinking over and over throughout the day.  Because our thoughts dictate what we believe.  What we believe dictates our actions.  And our actions show us where are in relation to what we believe we can have. 
The thing is this- it’s not necessarily the THINGS we do that help us live more healthy, zen, and abundant lives – it’s what we believe and feel about the things that we do. 
And if we aren’t feeling good or believing something that is holding us back from the truth of the thing we want to do – then we can get into sabotage mode. 
You have the power to change your mind. 
You have the ability to transform the beliefs that are limiting your life and holding you back from experiencing the beauty, love, abundance and freedom that you desire. 
What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts about these habits! Leave a comment below and let me know!
Remember –
You are worthy. Love yourself!

P.S. What will it take for you to drop the excuses and start living the happy + free life you desire?

I’ve got a quick question for you….
How long have you been wanting to make a change in your life to experience happiness, love and joy? 
A few weeks? Months? YEARS? 
Most people let themselves struggle for years thinking/hoping/wishing that it’s going to change on it’s own just because the time is passing by. 
You’ve probably tried some things to change your habits and thinking. Maybe you’ve:
….Read a few personal development books
….Followed some inspiring people online. 
….Gone to yoga!
…..Took a free challenge that your favorite guru is running
But if you are doing those things and are still not as healthy, happy, in loving relationships or living out your purpose —-
When will you address the real reason you’re holding yourself back? 
Why haven’t you made those changes yet? 
Things CAN change…. 
…But you have to dig deep into the source of your self-limiting beliefs. 
Hey babe, my name is Alisha. And a few years ago, I was just like you…
I was walking my dog listening to a healthy eating podcast and suddenly burst into tears. Outside. In my neighborhood. Alone.  
Like – ugly cry, mascara running tears. 
Wondering why everyone else seemed to have their lives figured out so perfectly and I was never going to figure mine out. 
These podcast hosts had an uber successful podcast, money, purpose and were complaining about something.  
Which made me lose it. 
“Alisha, you’re just not meant to have anything more. Be happy with what you have. YOU could never have a life that these people do. It’s not in the cards for you. YOU ARE STUCK FOREVER.” 
The tears fell more and more into a deep sob.  
I sped up my speed and ran home to get out of the public and cry in peace. 
You see, just a few hours earlier I had promised myself that I would finally make the changes I needed and figure out what my purpose was.  
I was tired of waiting for it happen and felt like nothing was ever going to change. 
I had been working on getting happier and turn my life into one that actually felt good on the inside, but it wasn’t happening. 
At the time I didn’t realize that when you’re on the path to turning your life into one that FEELS good on the inside and making the life changes you desire, that it all starts in the MIND, by what you actually believe and feel is how you are going to act and show up in your life. Not the other way around. 
I ran upstairs to my room and for some reason grabbed a book off of my shelf and started reading. 
That book was called, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. 
The book and the principles it taught me that day was one of the biggest catalysts for transforming my limiting beliefs. 
This book had such a positive impact on improving my relationships, making massive life changes and freeing myself from my mind that I have created TRULY FREE: a 4 week group coaching program based on the principles in The Four Agreements. 
This group coaching program is a result of studying, living and teaching these principles for the last several years. I refer to these teachings so often with my private coaching clients that I felt I HAD to create a group coaching program specifically on this to help as many people as I can overcome their limiting beliefs together.
Totally Free will make transforming your limiting beliefs SO MUCH EASIER.
What could take years to fully grasp and understand the source of your beliefs can be sped up and shave off years of needless suffering with a group coaching program.
>>>Learn to think differently, so you can experience more joy in your everyday life.
>>>Release all judgements (of yourself AND others), so you can let go of allowing anyone else to negatively effect you.
>>>Transform your limiting beliefs, so you can begin to truly act on changing your life.
>>>Learn self-compassion, so you can avoid self-abuse and regret.
Before we start, let me ask you a question…
Would you like the chance to get access to work with me on your limiting beliefs for 4 weeks at a fraction of the cost to work with me privately?
It would nearly impossible for me to list out all of the benefits and transformations that can happen as a result of working together in Truly Free, but I want to show you some of the things you’ll experience in our 4 weeks together.
*4 (One hour) LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Alisha
*Each week we will focus on a concept from The Four Agreements and you will have a chance to be in the “hot-seat” to ask your question and get coached!
*Includes access to a private FB community (a safe place to get support from Alisha for 4 weeks and connect with like-minded people who are also in the process of making big life changes)
*Have unlimited replays and lifetime access to the 4 group coaching sessions
Here’s how it works: 
*Once a week for 4 weeks, Alisha will host a live group coaching call in a private FB group. 
*Your HW before attending the call is to read the corresponding chapter of the week from The 4 Agreements. 
*In between sessions you may ask Alisha and your fellow students anything in the group to get support and your questions answered.
If we were to charge for each of these 4 sessions individually, we should be charging $300 per group coaching call…. (working privately with me for 4 months is $3,000)
The private FB group with daily access to me to ask anything is valued at $1,000 (and priceless)
Which means this value of this program is $2,200. 
If all this program did was give you a sense of relief from your suffering, would it be worth it?
If all this did was assist you in having a healthier relationship with someone you love, would it be worth it?
It all this did was give you the confidence to take the first/next important step towards the life you dream of, would it be worth it?
I’m NOT going to charge you $2,200.
I’m ONLY going to charge you $97!!
Ready babe? 
Act now- the price goes up on 11/1 to $147.  
Learn more + enroll here:
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