Hi beautiful soul! I AM SO GLAD YOU FOUND US!  Welcome, welcome, welcome.  I want to hug you right now.

Here’s the deal: I teach people how live more mindful, meaningful and beautiful lives. How? Well….as a Certified Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Essential Oils Guru and Teacher I teach, speak, write and create to teach you the exact tools that I deeply believe in to create this for yourself.   

I’m here to to give you the tools to find your own joy, balance, health and happiness so your life is 100% thriving instead of surviving.   I am simply here to guide you to become the absolute best version of you.  Because you weren’t created to be depressed, anxious guilty or unworthy.  You were created to be victorious.  To become a Zen Babe. 

Hang out with me! Watch some videos, learn about the magic of essential oils and sign up for the Zen Babe Tribe to kickstart your journey to self-love and bliss.  

Dig our manifesto?  You’re in the right place. 

AA Manifesto                                                           


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Remember – You are worthy. Love yourself! 

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