Today I caught myself drowning in negative self-talk. Except, I didn’t realize that I was in it until I was participating in behaviors that I do when I am subconsciously speaking negatively to myself and feeling a negative emotion (for me it’s procrastination and feeling like a victim). 

The SECOND I recognized that I was in this – I dove into my 6 step process to change and create a miracle for myself.  As a spiritual teacher, I can absolutely get into these negative emotions/thoughts.  But girl — I am committed to my growth.  And I have a QUICK comeback rate these days.  

I want this for you.  The next time you find yourself drowning in negative self-talk, watch this livestream video that I did earlier today on how to get out of it. Or read the overview of it below.

Step 1: Acknowledge your inner-child and the emotions she is feeling (imagine your negative self-talk is just your scared 10 year old self trying to come through).

Step 2: Talk to your 10 year old self to help her feel safe, comforted and assure her that ALL IS WELL. (ie: Alisha, I know that you are scared right now. I know that the unknown is scary but I promise you – everything is more than okay. You are safe. I’ve got you.)

Step 3: Reflect on what you told “her” and release the words she was saying. I recommend using pure quality essential oils to help with the emotional release. They work to change your emotional state which assists the process faster while you work on the mind! Body + Mind. (Want to learn more about essential oils? Join our private Zen Babe Oil Tribe here)

Step 4: Journal out what just happened. Ask yourself questions to answer to get more clarity and understand. Questions like: What is really going on here? What am I really afraid of? Is that the truth? What if I believed I was safe? What would happen if I chose to release this belief that I keep thinking?

Step 5:  Refocus your energy. When you are in the middle of the negative self-talk – see it and say outloud, “CHANGE”. CHANGE. CHANGE. This simple word can cut through the subconscious behavior and help you to shift the energy to change the behavior that you are doing as a result of the negative thought by affirming CHANGE is here and available to you. 

Step 6: Listen to your INTUITION! Be still, take time out to become more aware and listen to what your intuition is telling you. What are those first thoughts that you hear? Your intuition is like a muscle and you can develop, strengthen and grow her.

Intuition is what guided me to start a healthy living blog that evolved into my business today. Intuition is what made me move to California after living in the midwest for year to expand and grow both personally and professionally even though it’s been scary.  Intuition is what told me to start sharing essential oils and mentor a team of women to do what I do and create their own wellness businesses.  

 Listen. You have an insane superpower that’s guiding you to make the right decision, to know your next step in your life and business, to fully show up as your authentic self in the world.  All you have to do is stay committed to your spiritual journey of growth. 

If you’re on this journey of personal development/healthier living/happiness/authenticity.…. you must develop a STRONG intuition.  Think of it as your inner compass. 

What’s the point of pursuing our highest potential and purpose if we’re not in full alignment with what we came to this Earth to accomplish and fulfill? What do we want our legacy to be? What is the most important thing to you? 

All of these answers are inside – your intuition will show you the way. How do you know if it’s intuition or fear? How do you know to trust it? What if it’s wrong? 

Here’s the thing: when you’re in alignment and you’re truly listening to your intuition: you won’t be wrong. It’s impossible. 

Your job: to be committed to strengthening this power of yours.  To grow the muscle that it is.  

The more committed you are to changing, to growing and developing your potential – the more results you will see. Promise. 

You are worthy! Love yourself. 


I want to help you strengthen your intuition.  In my online course, Trusting Your Intuition, I show you exactly how to do this.  I give you the steps to take to strengthen and hear you intuition every single day – so that the whisper that it is can become loud and clear. 

 Trust your gut.  Dive into the work and allow life’s magic to be revealed to you as you step into your full potential, grow your business and flow through your relationships and make decisions with ease. 

If you would like guidance and help with strengthening your intuition and learn how to trust her, check out our self-study online course in Trusting Your Intuition.

I want to help you: 
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