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When you’re feeling stuck emotionally in your life + business it can feel like it lasts for days. Maybe you’re procrastinating like crazy. Resisting. Having a hard time getting anything done and feeling like you’re pushing something really heavy up a mountain.

I’m here to let you know that there’s hope my love. Feeling stuck isn’t permanent. I’m going to share with you 8 tools to help you no only get unstuck – but back into the flow of your life and the universe. 

The more you practice these steps, the easier they get.  You learn to memorize how it feels to be in flow vs in a constant state of overwhelm and stuck. 

But it doesn’t have to!

The next time you feel stuck (or if you’re currently there)- try one or all of these 8 tips in this week’s video.  Just click play. 

TIP #1: Get out of your head and into your body

Guys, this one is huge.  Your emotions live in your body.  And they can get stuck there. So to to transform and shift the stuck emotion you’re feeling, we want to get out of our heads and into our bodies.  This means MOVING the body so you can move and transform the “stuck” energy in your body.  

We recommend engaging in something that you enjoy doing.  Don’t do something you hate (that will keep you in the resistance).  I personally love going to long walks or hikes in nature and doing chakra yoga poses to specifically release this emotion.  No matter what you choose- do it with the intention of transforming the stuck into FLOW. 


TIP #2: Confide in how you’re feeling with someone you trust 

This is really, really important.  The longer you hold in how you’re feeling, the longer you’re going to feel stuck.  Turn to that person you trust (mine is my husband, but for you it can be anyone you know will be there to truly listen without judgement).  There’s a difference between ruminating over how you’re feeling (talking about it over and over again to stay validated) and talking about it to release it and get it off of your chest.  

If you feel you have a lot of emotions to work through, I recommend hiring a life coach that you trust.  It’s our job to hold a safe space for you to speak outloud how you’re feeling without judgement and to ask you the right questions to identify what’s really going on so you can transform it into progress and peace.  


TIP #3: Perform an Angel Intervention Session 

This works everytime.  When we’re STUCK, we are in the ego (Wayne Dyer refers to the ego and Edging God Out – I couldn’t agree more) and we need to step aside and allow the power greater than us to shift quickly. 

In this session you will conduct your own angel card reading to receive guidance from your angels.  Before you pull your cards, set an intention to receive clear guidance for what you NEED and with clarity.  After you pull your cards, journal everything that you “heard”.  You will find more clarity and confirmation in the reading from this! (Please note: you can learn how to dive deep into the angel intervention session in my digital course, Trusting Your Intuition). 


TIP #4: Listen/Read/Watch Something Inspiring 

Sometimes all it takes to change our minds is to listen to someone who is INSPIRING you to think, be and act differently.  Even reading this post/watching this video is doing this for you! Any aha moments you have while listening is helping massively.  I recommend listening to books on audible, podcasts that inspire you, YouTube videos or Facebook Livestreams. Bonus points if you do this everyday to help you stay ahead before you get into the stuck-ness.  I recommend that my team of women I mentor for their online businesses to do this at least 30 minutes every single day.  I tend to do this even longer on the days when I need it. Trust yourself. 


TIP #5: Ask Yourself The RIGHT Questions

Asking yourself the same thing over and over again but still staying stuck? Babe….it’s time to change the questions.  If you’re along the lines of “why does this keep happening to me, what is wrong with me, why am I so stuck?” – it’s time to reframe. 

GET CURIOUS about what is going on and dive deeper.  Things like – “When did I start to feel this way? What was I doing when this started? What triggered this?”.  “What belief to do I need to let go of that will serve me?” “What am I willing to do differently?” 


TIP #6: Stop NUMBING and start FEELING

When we’re “stuck”, we tend to be afraid of how we think the feeling will feel.  It’s scary because it’s unfamiliar.  It’s not comfortable and therefore we categorize it as “not safe”.  But the truth is that the longer we avoid feeling whatever is coming up for us, the longer we will stay stuck. 

It’s really important that you allow yourself the space and compassion to feel whatever it is you’re avoiding (ie: procrastinating, resisting, etc.) and feel it to heal it. 

That’s right: you always, always have to feel it to heal it. And then release it. 


TIP #7: Use Pure Essential Oils 

Using pure quality essential oils can support the emotional body and brain center (that holds our emotions and feelings) in shifting and releasing. 

When you use the right essential oils in the right way, you can experience instant relief. The more regularly you use the oils, the more you are training your emotions to be rather than your emotions training you how to be.  It’s such a beautiful and tangible tool to use on a daily basis for staying in the emotions and vibe that serve me. (If you’d like help with this, click here to schedule a 1:1 call with Alisha)


TIP #8: Have a new experience

That’s right! Experiences are a quick way to get us out of the stuck and low vibes we’re feeling.  Having new experiences effect your emotions as it’s something totally new to you! As hard as it can feel to go out and try something new when you’re feeling stuck – ask a friend or your spouse to support you and go try something new out together (or even solo! I do this often).  What would excite you to try out? 

Even something as simple as checking out that park in your area that you have been meaning to for ages.  Or renting a bike and exploring a new part of town.  Maybe going to try indian food at a restaurant you’ve never been before. Try it out and notice how you feel before and after (you tend to feel more alive after this experience, which can kickstart the release of the stuck emotions!). 


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