You are worthy of trusting yourself. 

Living your purpose, finding balance and becoming the best version of you is about owning your true power- and accessing that from your intuition!

  • Do you wish you could unleash your hidden potential so that you can better serve others in your life and business (for the ultimate freedom?)
  • Have you ever thought, "If I could learn to listen and trust my intuition, I would have all of the answers!"  
  • Do you feel easily overwhelmed with all of the voices and nudges you get from your gut? 
  • Do you have a big life decision to make and can't seem to choose or take action? 
  • Are you afraid that if you don't start trusting yourself that you will miss out on being easily guided through your life and make the wrong decision?
  •  Are you tired of fear and ego running the show and are ready to fully access and trust your intuition

I know exactly how it feels to have big dreams, goals and desires.....and to know deep down that I was secretly hoping and waiting for someone to come and show me exactly what to do next so I could make it all happen. 

But guess what happened? 

Nobody came. And I spent a lot of time waiting around. 

I found myself trying things that were working for other people in their business with my business. Doing morning routines and habits that other people swore by (I would think - THEY have the answers! If I can just do exactly what they do...then I will have what I want).  

But I slowly realized this incredible truth: 

You already have all of the answers within. 

You know exactly what to do next. 

It comes from this magic superpower that every single person in this world has: our intuition. 

The problem is this: you aren't trusting it. There's a disconnect. 

Let me share with you two stories from my life that demonstrates this truth that you always know the answers - and they come from trusting your intuition. 

Story #1:

Not too long ago, I was ready to take my coaching business to the next level and create and sell my first digital course, take a huge risk on my business and move across the country and double my prices. There was a particular online coach that I wanted to hire. Problem: her package price was more than I was comfortable paying for. This scared me. A lot. So I started doubting what I knew I had to do (hire her). I put off reaching out to her. I thought about and thought about it. The longer I waited....the more doubt started to creep in about whether or not this was the right decision for me to take. 

Then one day I was led to my first deck of oracle angel cards. I decided to ask my guides/universe/higher power if I should hire this coach or not. I will never forget the card that I pulled in that moment: 

After I pulled that card, the whisper of my intuition was suddenly loud and clear. I hired her. And as a result, I was able to raise my prices and make the money I needed to move to California and create and sell my first digital course. An open heart + action = a major step in trusting your intuition.  

Story #2: 

This past January (2017) in my Networking Marketing business, I was the top saleswoman on my team and hit a big rank within 1 month (the average time to hit this particular rank is 18 months). I didn't have anyone helping me my build my business (aka: builders), I had zero experience in network marketing and on the outside it seemed a little "out there" to try and go for this rank in 30 days by myself.

I was afraid....but knew deep down what I could do and HAD to do. I got super super clear on wanted I desired, when I desired it and why. I held this vision so close to my heart and let my intuition guide me. I did NOT have a "perfect" plan going into it. I chose to listen to my inner wisdom system every step of the way. 

Halfway through that month, I was asked to do a FB live in our private business group about how I was enrolling so many people. You can press play and watch this video below. (Note: by the end of the month, I hit a big rank and enrolled 40 people). 



This leads me to what I've created for you: a digital course on trusting your intuition. It's time to share this process with you - this process of 1. releasing the blocks to hearing your intuition and 2. turning fear to trust. You ready? 

I've been called to create this course for you!

Identify All Of The Blocks You're Engaging In From Hearing Your Intuition

Learn The Skills To Raise Your Confidence And Clarity Factor In Trusting Your Gut 

Learn How To Perform The "Spirit Intervention Session" To Trust Your Intuition Easily

Identify How YOU Feel And Hear Your Intuition. No More Confusion. 

Integrate Clarity And Deep Trust into Your Intuition Trusting Process With Angel and Oracle Cards.  

Plus Access To The Trusting Your Intuition Private FB Group For Additional Support

Guided Meditations, Affirmations and Mantras

A Spirit Intervention Session Workbook (use over and over again to help you get clear on your intuition and next steps!)

Hi beautiful! I'm Alisha. 

I am thrilled about this course! My intention for this offer is for you to have a process for listening and trusting your intuition so that you will design a life and business that unleashes your hidden potential, you feel in alignment and ease, are happy, and are fulfilling your life purpose.  

Since starting my business 3 years ago, I have been using my intuitive abilities to coach others, teach yoga, help heal through reiki, start and grow my networking marekting business quickly, and am proud to say that I allow my intuition to guide me to my next step in my business and life- always!

I've had so many amazing successes not only with myself, my with dozens of clients and students that I heard the call to create this course for you. 

I am so proud of the inner-peace I've found by accessing this gift that we all have. I am so proud of my businesses, the Zen Babe movement we've created and how life feels easy and full of flow. I am so grateful that I choose to trust my intuition- every single day. I wouldn't be here without it!


Releasing the Blocks To Your Intuition 

In this live 2-hour video training, you will be led through a series of exercises to help you identify and release the blocks and resistance you have to your hearing and trusting your intuition. You'll walk away knowing how YOU hear your intuition!  


Turning Fear to Trust: Empowered Intuition 

During this live 2-hour video training, you will learn how to perform the "Spirit Intervention Session" - Alisha's secret weapon to cutting through fear and trusting quickly. You'll learn spiritual tools on how to trust and when to take action- including using angel/oracle cards. 

When you learn to trust your intuition, you will feel empowered, gain confidence in yourself and find clarity about your life purpose & next steps.

Our intention with this course is that you learn the 2-step process to identifying and then trusting your intuition so that you can repeat this process over and over again through your life and business. It will soon become second nature to you! After the live calls are complete, you will have unlimited access to the videos including all of the worksheets and workbooks. 

  • This is a self-study course- compleltey held online!
  • The content modules (2!) will be held live. You will then have access to the replays of the recorded content forever. 
  • Content modules will be held in an interactive workshop style and are 2-3 hours in length
  • You have unlimited replays
  • And when updates are made or added to the course in the future- you will have access to those (forever!)

  • 2 Live Content Modules (2-3 hours each) that includes step-by-step guidance, demonstrations, meditations, and exercises to develop a crystal clear intuition that you trust
  • Worksheets + Journaling HW
  • Meditations and Affirmations 
  • Spirit Intervention Session Workbook ($155 value)
  • Angel Card Reading Tutorial ($99 value)
  • Private FB Group with access to Alisha ($1000 value)
  • 3 Module Video Series: How to Know the Difference Between Intuition and Fear

"Just letting you know, I am doing it. I listened to you and my intuition and I am leaving my job and moving to Michigan. I don't have a job lined up, I am just doing it. My stuff left this weekend and my last day is Friday. I feel amazing!" 

"Alisha! I have to tell you. I just put in my notice at my hospital job. I don't have my next step entirely figured out but I know what direction I'm moving in. Nearly what - 2 years later since I first started meeting with you for coaching? I just had to do it. Other than just feeling like it's time for me to be done I don't have an entirely rational reason but it just happened. I love everything you share and your inspiration is always perfect! ❤️ your messages always reaffirm my thoughts or lead me to where I need to seek some guidance. Love love LOVE! XOXO"

"You've helped me to realize it doesn't have to be set in stone, i don't have to have everything perfect right away. it just starts with one step of faith and see how it grows from there."

"I love you girl, thanks for giving me the tools to change my life. Your guides and videos are so comprehensive YOU ARE THE BEST "

"Alisha is very encouraging, she helped me build the confidence I needed to make some pretty big life changing decisions."

"I just have to tell you again, thank you for what you are doing in this world. You literally inspire me so freaking much."

"Before [working with Alisha], I was a much more anxious person. I would worry about the future and things down the road that may never actually happen to the point where I couldn't watch or hear anyone talking about news without letting it mentally cripple me for days. I feel so much more calm and able to live in the present moment versus worrying myself into oblivion for days about things beyond my control. :) It's a process but right now "I am safe, and everything is ok in this moment." Thank you Alisha!"

"Hi Alisha!!!! So I just wanted to send you a little message expressing my enormous gratitude I have for crossing paths with you at just the right time in my life. I admired and continue to admire you in so many ways, especially because Reiki has CHANGED my life.. and you were the first one to introduce me to this concept. I still carry and use the feelings cultivated in your yoga classes, the mantras I found while doing your first 7 day challenge, and think "if Alisha was once an anxious mess and trusted that things would work out.. I can do this also." So..... basically after that rant, I just simply want to say - thank you. Continue to do the incredible healing work that you do .. because whether you believe it or not, you are changing lives. I am a first-hand witness."

This course has been pre-recorded for you and is a self-study program for you to transform in the comfort of your own home. You will get immediate access to the course once you submit your payment!  

Please email with any questions!


*this is a nonrefundable course