Have you ever had one of those days/weeks where everything seems to be going wrong? 
And then you start thinking…..
*this person thinks this about me (ie: I’m not good enough)!
*omg this is never going to work 
*what is WRONG with me 
*I am in such a negative place right now
*why can’t I get out of this? 
and so on.  
So truth time: this really was my experience for a couple of days. 
 It seemed like one thing was happening after another and I found myself in a negative spiral.  
And I implemented this miracle practice into my morning routine. 
And that day I had miracle after miracle after miracle happen. 
After about the 10th insane miracle yesterday, I stopped everything I was doing to film this video for you. 
You’re going to want to stop everything and watch this to get the ritual I did that you can do to manifest miracles right now: 

What did you think? 

Feeling open to receive miracles in your life now and start manifesting fast?  YAY! 



You are worthy.  Love yourself!










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