Have you ever wondered what natural wellness products you could use for your workouts and hikes in nature to help you cool off, keep the bugs away and naturally disinfect (without the pure toxins that are in sunscreen, bug spray and hand sanitizer?!)

Welcome to the world of natural wellness! 

I was hiking in Southern California recently (we ended up on the Pacific Crest Trail!!), and realized when I got to the top of mountain, that I should share how I used all of my must-have essential oils to keep my day-long hike as natural as my environment. 

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Please remember that not all oils are created equal.  Quality is THE most important thing when it comes to essential oils.  I personally sell the best oils that you can get in the entire world at wholesale if you’re interested in learning more – join the FB group that I run here). 

Oils mentioned: 

Bug Repellent Blend One drop added to my natural sunscreen to protect me from the sun and the bugs at the same time. 

Peppermint and Melaleuca One drop each in my palms, inhaled the combo deeply to wake up and rubbed rest into my neck to cool down, get more energy and disinfect my hands.

Tension Blend Rubbed onto my temples, back of neck and forehead hair line to relieve head tension from the hot-sun and hard workout.

You can also do any of the above for any tough workout you’re doing.  Especially outdoors! You will feel fresh, more energized, clean and bug-free (without the toxins – that are known to steal your energy and health from you). 

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