• Are you tired of slipping in and out of "funks" that you can't seem to get out of?
  • Do you want to live a more Zen life filled with meditation, yoga and essential oils and learn about the powerful forces of the chakra system?
  • Are you looking for a spiritual path and wish you had some guidance to help you out?
  • Are you determined to make your life into something you're proud of and do what you've always wanted (help other live better lives) but know you need to live a better life yourself in order to fully and truly help others
  • Do you desire to have the tools to handle and cope with anything that comes your way?
  • Do you feel powerless and have a hard time opening up to people because you are so unsure of who you are
  •  Are you afraid of a lot of things in life and are looking for the courage to deal with your fears in a more peaceful + zen way? 
  • Do you wish you could go on a journey of self-discovery with a community of others that JUST GET YOU + you can trust for accountability, support and lifelong friendships and connections?

I remember exactly what it felt like to be living day in and day out feeling stuck, unfulfilled, confused and worthless.

I know what it's like trying to find your way in life towards your purpose.....to be struggling daily....and know deep in your heart that you're made for so much more if you could only improve your personal life and find inner-peace. 

A life where you feel better, actually love yourself and are so sure of who you are that you are helping others to live better lives themselves. 

And you know what? 

.....because if I believe anything, it's that our bodies are always giving us messages. And it's time to follow your gut instinct. 




Hi Zen Babe! I'm Alisha Leytem. I am a Certified Wellness Coach, Essential Oil Educator, Registered Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer + the Founder of the Zen Babe Tribe. I am seriously excited that you've found us! 

My intention for this program is to teach you the exact tools and steps that I have taken to help you find your everyday zen, step into your spirituality, drop the struggle of constant stress and provide you with the balance and guidance that you've been searching and praying for. 

I've spent the past 4 years working on my own anxiety, depression and health issues (physical and emotional)d diving deep into my own journey of self-discovery, natural health and finding my own inner peace. 

The steps I teach in this course about the chakras are undeniably how I keep my center, balance and personal zen. Because of the process I teach in this cleanse balancing our chakras with yoga, meditation, journaling, aromatherapy, organization, breath-work and more- I would not be living the life of my dreams right now. These teachings have helped me create the life that I always wanted to have: one that I am proud of and helping others to do the same.  

Week One: AWAKE (Root Chakra) 

Your journey to becoming a Zen Babe begins! Before you can start living a life of zen, we've got to help you manage your energy and know yourself. We'll kick of week one by learning all about the basics of your energy: what are your auras + everything you need to know about your personal energy fields. I'll teach you how to clean up your aura plus an overview of our main energy centers and how we can begin to manage them for the ultimate zen.  

This week you are going to start learning how to maintain your energy to feel grounded, safe, supported, centered, and get really excited about taking great care of yourself, your body + life so you can kick those feelings of worthlessness and fear the curb. 

Week Two: AWARE (Sacral Chakra)

Tired of feeling lack of passion and inspiration in your life? This week you will learn how to become aware of your feelings, let go, have fun, express yourself creatively + sexually and enjoy all of life's pleasures. I'll teach you how to open the floodgates and FEEL, baby, FEEL! What's life when you are not AWARE of your feelings, you're shy, emotionally unstable and shutdown all of the time? You deserve and NEED to let it out. 

You're going to learn how to connect with the passionate side of you (she's in there, I promise), feel inspired, raise your energy, desire, connection and friendliness so you can turn your "meh" emotions into "YAY". 

Week Three: ACTION (Power Chakra)

You're not feeling too confident or powerful in your life, and week 3 is going to help you safely get over these limiting beliefs that are blocking you. Using a variety of techniques to raise your confidence and your energy, I will guide you through the extremely important process of increasing your willpower, courage and how to start taking major action to creating the life that you can be proud of. 

The world needs you to love yourself and have a healthy level of self-esteem - you have gifts that the world needs from you and the better you feel about yourself and empowered you feel, the more you can give of yourself to the world.

Week Four: AFFECTION (Heart Chakra)

We are bringing out the F bomb in week 4: forgiveness. It's time to focus on cleansing away the sadness, betrayal, hurt and rejection out of your heart this week. We're going to focus on bringing you to a state filled with self-love, compassion, the ability to see love in all things and people, learn to trust others, yourself and the process of life. 

This week you'll find that your relationships improve (with others and yourself), you'll increase your own sense of inner-peace and start living your life with your heart wide open and unstuck.

Week Five: ARTICULATE (Throat Chakra)

You feel like it's hard for you to talk to people in social settings, you have nothing important to say and find yourself staying quiet most of the time. Not after this week! I will guide you through the process of using your voice, speaking your mind and standing up for yourself! You will learn how to see the lies you are telling yourself and others and instead articulate your own personal truth. 

I'll show you how to face your truth and embrace the energy to articulate this. You will find healing, contentment, become comfortable communicating with yourself and others. 

Week Six: ABILITY (Third Eye Chakra)

You've reached the week of the program where we are cleansing the stagnant energy keeping you from hearing your intuition and knowing the answers you are looking for to make the right decisions in your life. 

You already have the personal power within you that you can access at anytime: your intuition. This week you will learn to connect with your inner-wisdom. When your intuition is strong, you don't need to rely on others for answers to your questions or next steps or even your purpose. You can look within, connect and know the answers. It's called your intuition. I'll show you step-by-step how to increase this ability that we all carry. It's up to us to see that it's there.

Week Seven: ANGELIC (Crown Chakra)

It's time to bring it all home and and total wholeness of yourself. Week 7 will give you the ultimate tool, one that you will come back to over and over again: a spirituality of your own understanding. This is such an enlightening week as we wrap up this truly transformational program that will leave you feeling spiritual, connected to your angelic side and the ultimate sense of inner-peace. 

Welcome home. 


You are SO NOT alone in this journey! For all the times that you wish you had a group of people you could turn to for support, encouragement and a shoulder to lean on - then you've found it! Is there anything better than a community of people who get you for reassurance and inspiration on demand? I think not. :) This aspect of the Zen Babe Cleanse is one of the most important and vital parts to your success in finding your own zen- take it from other Zen Babes! 


YEP. You get lifetime membership to the Zen Babe Cleanse! This means that once you are in the program, you get to be a member for LIFE. Anytime I update the course or run it live (which is twice a year), you get to retake it as many times as you want. Lifetime access to everything. How good is that?! 

Here's what Zen Babes said about our Zen Babe Cleanse Community: 


$200 VALUE

Intro to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Lexi Schaffer

Crystal Energy Healing for Beginners with Christine Nicole


  • 7 Lessons (including videos, PDFs, worksheets, tools, audios and more) that will help you go from hot mess to zen babe. 
  • Membership to our Zen Babe Clease online community for ongoing support and sisterhood
  • A Welcome Video as soon as you sign up, to set yourself up for the energy healing that is about to take place
  • Massive support, advice and accountability from myself and the rest of the Zen Babe Cleanse Community
  • Weekly Guided Meditations and Affirmations  
  • Full length Yoga Classes (8 total!) for all levels (even if you are a total newbie)
  • Bonus Class: Intro to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Lexi Schaffer
  • Bonus Class: Crystal Energy Healing for Beginners with Christine Nicole
  • Lifetime access to the content, community and all future upgrades

I'm really busy right now. I want to take the program but I'm not sure I'll have time? You will receive a new module each week and can participate with the group live, but you totally have the option of purchasing now and then going through the content at your own pace. You'll have this program forever and you can go back and take it/watch as many times as you'd like. If you choose to participate live, you can expect about 2-3 hours of dedicated time per week. 

Are payment plans available? Absolutely! You will find the payment options below (keep scrolling down!).

What should I expect from this program? A safe, enlightening and loving environment for you to grow and heal. Educational and enlightening content via videos, PDFs, and audio. Yoga videos (for all levels!), guided meditations, guided affirmations, beginning an essential oil lifestyle. A tribe of soul sisters who totally get you and support you. A new perspective of who you are. New techniques to get you through stressful times and find balance and peace in yourself. A lifestyle plan laid out for you step by step. A massive leap towards inner-peace and balance in your mind, body and soul. Total Transformation. 

More Questions?! email alisha@alishaleytem.com to help!

Is The Zen Babe Cleanse is for you?

It's for you if......

  • You have looked into spirituality in some form (attended a yoga class, read a self-help book, watched any of my videos), and are ready to dive all in for yourself.
  • You're ready to drop the struggle and do whatever it takes to find inner-peace 
  • You are into or open to the "woo-woo" and spiritual approach to life. 
  • You want to or are already working towards a natural approach to your health + wellbeing. 
  • You love yoga or want to become a yogi 
  • You are open to learning and doing the homework to understand yourself and take your spiritual path.

It's NOT for you if....

  • You are not totally ready to open up
  • You want results without watching the videos and doing the homework (ie: "work is crazy right now and I don't have any time for myself")
  • You're not ready to explore and experiment with new ways of living and thinking
  • You don't like "woo-woo" or spiritual stuff and aren't open to trying new things


This seven week online training program starts on October 8th. Cart is opening soon. Stay tuned <3 

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